Monday, January 07, 2013

antoine & millie

i spilled a glass of water on my computer (his name is antoine). i had the rim of the cup between my teeth, for safe-keeping you know? then travis asked me a question. and i said "yeah". i must  have forgotten i had a full glass of water held between my teeth, the second i said it the glass tumbled and splashed all over my keyboard and my antoine fizzled and died.
my heart was broken.
the blogging would have to be put on hold for a looooooong time.
or so i thought.
i pulled antoine out from under the couch today {maybe i should get better at where i keep things for safe-keeping?} on a whim. i plugged the sucker in and he started right up! it was a christmas miracle! {christmas miracle works at all times, and in all things, and in all places. yo.}
antoine works and the blogging is back! you probably didn't even realize i was gone. i have been prone to long breaks lately huh? thanks for reading guys, you are what make blogging so much fun!

because i have no photos to accompany this post, here is a darling little video of our darling millie mae at 8 weeks old!

xo lauren


Amy Graham said...

HAHAHaaaa...Holy cow, the cup in your teeth..everything about that is funny. Patrick said that he has heard of laptops reviving like that! Pretty sweet.

Batash said...

She is sooo cute!!!

Mariah Michelle said...

How sweet! And your laptop? Yeah mine survived the great coffee spilling of '11 so water is nothing lol :)

Kate said...

Not to sound like the worst kind of internet stalker, but it was fun to hear your voice. It's always interesting to hear what my favorite bloggers ~sound like.

Millie is a DOLL.

And I spilled an entire vase of water (flowers on top of on desk.. yikes) onto my laptop my Freshman year of college and had to have it sent away but it came back to me with ALL my files still there. I was AMAZED. The only casualty was the Gilmore Girls DVD that was in the DVD drive when I sent it off... :'(

Elisabeth @ Bella said...

happiest surprise ever! glad antoine is back up and running :)


GirlProblems said...

Aww, your baby is gorgeous, and so is your blog! x

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lex said...

so so cute!!!!!!!!!!!

Jawed Ali said...

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