Wednesday, January 30, 2013

we miss mommy


i have class on tuesdays & thursdays.
the first week of class trav sent me this picture with "we miss mommy!"
gosh i love those two. 
millie sure does love her dad, 
she is all smiles & coos whenever he's around. 
i can only imagine the types of shenanigans they'll think up. 
{once mills is capable of shenanigans, of course}

xo lauren

{p.s. i am writing this at 10pm on a monday night. millie has been asleep in the next room for the past hour & trav has checked on her a total of five times. THAT'S LOVE}
{p.s.s. travis & i went to sleep way too late the other night because we were having an argument: about whether or not China has hot springs. we googled it... i lost. travis is officially the hot springs in China king. i love him}


Allison said...

This picture is pure awesomeness. Love it :)

katie ridings said...

my boyfriend has class on the same days lol but im sureif it were the opposite and i was gone this is what would happen too lol!!

Sierra said...

Hahaha that is an amazing picture!

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