Monday, May 13, 2013

michelle armas living room

do you like the new bliggity blog? i had some fun over the weekend.


we are looking for a starter home right now. it gets me a little giddy because, well... a home of our very own? wouldn't that make you pee your pants too?? so i got to dreaming & brain storming, i put what i learned from school to work & i came up with an inspiration board for my dream living room!
the room is inspired by this michelle armas painting. i adore her work. i noticed myself pinning her stuff again & again onto my pinterest without realizing it! i think she is a great statement for any room!

here's the specs:

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xo lauren


Irene said...

first, i liked how you changed your blog. it looks cute!
second, how on earth can you read my mind? those are my colors for decorating the *dream* living room of my *dream* future home! haha

Amy Graham said...

OH to have my own home! I am a little envious! :)

Love this living room, especially the art inspiration. And...the coffee table is super cool (except Millie will pull the cool stuff off of it soon!).

So, question: does Travis give you complete freedom when it comes to your style of decor?

Kirsten Wiemer said...

i always love looking at decorating, but we are nowhere near getting our first home

love these ideas


Mikelle Jade said...

way cute. this makes me wish I had the money to redo our family room but alas, I cannot and must dream about it instead. I really love that sofa. a lot.

Kathy said...

I'm loving your new layout design!

Oh gosh! How exciting! I've got such an itch to get into a starter home of our own, but now is not the time for us. Good luck with your search!

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