Friday, February 07, 2014

How I Knew I was Pregnant

Today i wanted to blog about how i knew i was pregnant with baby #2.
This baby was definitely planned, and it seems as though we got pregnant the same second that we started trying (very different from our first go around) but there's no way of knowing until that first missed period. 

or is there?


here's how i knew. two ways: 
first of all, there's this photo. this was taken at around 10pm the day after we got back from some type of vacation and travis was gone washing trucks. Now normally, here at the farm, we don't stay up later than 9pm and if we do--we're zombies. I always stay up to wait for travis on tuesday nights however, and busied myself with some laundry & some crafting. Then i went to the bathroom. When i looked in the mirror, i saw this. 

i mean... ten pm and i didn't look haggard at all? that's a cause for suspicion. that's the first way i knew i had it... the pregnancy glow. so naturally i snapped a selfie & sent it my husband. because that's what you do with a cute photo of yourself when you have a husband, naturally.

the second way i knew i was pregnant was from this baby right here.


after my third stop to Los Betos in one week it dawned on me that i was probably pregnant. don't get me wrong, i could normally go for mexican food any time all the time but i NEVER go out to grab lunch without travis. It just never occurs to me. But, things change when you're pregnant. They really really do.

That's how i knew!
& i guess the pregnancy test helped too.

xo lauren


Kari+Will said...

Haha you're so cute! I feel like I missed the pregnancy glow train... I got a bunch of acne instead haha. But still am so so happy to be pregnant! Congrats again!

Jessica O. said...

also your boobs like AMAZING so theres that...

Kaity said...

Hehe so cute! Congrats, lady! :)

Autumn said...


Also, how cute is your blog layout?! I love it!

Kayleigh S said...

Agreed^^^ my post nursing boobs don't look like that. :)

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