Wednesday, March 05, 2014

A Day at the Yellow Farm

Being from Arizona, i love all things hot & summery. Winter is SUCH a drag in my opinion, and i have no idea why it even bothers to show up at all--let alone every single year without fail. Boise should get some better bouncers up in here. STAT.

Thankfully, spring is slowly slowly beginning to make its appearances & this mama cannot contain her excitement when it does!!! Here are a few photographs to document the happy happy day: complete with a handsome daddy, a 20 week pregnant mommy, an adventurous 15-month-old Millie Mae & a Smokie!

theyellowfarm theyellowfarm
^^ see those cows across the street? they are millie's best friends. ^^
she loves to tell them "mooooooooo!" whenever she sees them".
theyellowfarm theyellowfarm
^^daddy's still got it!^^
millie was super jealous & kept trying to climb the base of the tree until travis came down.
toddlers attempting to climb trees = adorable.
^^darling girl. let's get a closer look at that baby bum, shall we?^^
^^ah! i love that bum!^^
^^ we are the whiting family! i love us!^^
millie is not a fan of family selfies. 
she did not want to be kept from exploring the yard for even a moment. 

just when we thought the fun would have to end, Uncle Kameron stopped by to bring us a gift!
he made us a swing!!!
can you believe it? i can't think of a more perfect thing to add the farm than a swing. 
so thoughtful of him! he took a burn pen & etched our name & the farm in himself.
we love it! thank you Kameron!!
^^ the best of brothers and OUR SWING!!^^

& happiness prevailed throughout the land.
the end.

xo lauren


Dearest Lou said...

You guys are seriously the cutest! Love the new blog look too!

Matt said...

You guys are looking good! Love the swing idea too

Irene said...

oh! I want a swing too! :)

Kaity said...

Precious! I'm still enamored by that adorable yellow house of yours :)

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