Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The semester is coming to a close...

& 218 is running out of supplies. no one feels like buying more! silly little nubs...
i've been living off of Zattarans & pretzels for a year it seems
madiSONs been rockin the ritz & hashbrowns for a while
& MO-gan has had to resort to corndogs & mac n cheese...
oh wait...!
she always eats like that.
looooooove your face mo ♥

no food, no dishwasher soap, no garbage liners, no stuff!
we ran out of toilet paper last week.
but did we buy more?

the campus' public restrooms have a lovely supply, after all.
{smirks & giggles mischievously)

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1 comment:

madison said...

wow we are such cool people. i dont think i acknowledge that enough.

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