Thursday, April 15, 2010

alone in da home

Trav left today for Boise! Here's what i think about this:
Chaaa. It's totally lame, i know.
Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? We'll see.
{i kinda bawled my heart out on the way home from the airport but, a quick stop at Anthropologie makes any girl's eyes back to sparklin!}

Broseph & i job hunted today,
i applied at Pier 1 & Hobby Lobby {fingers crossed}
& we both got jobs at Neilson's {a presh ice cream parlor}
that's right, the twins are scoopin ice cream this summer. we're excited!

Trav & i are tryin to cut back on spending this summer,
let me tell you, it's tough.
already i've had to turn down expensive play dates.
it's lame
but it'll make for an easier first year of marriage, right?
i absolutuely hate saying no to my sweet friends,
{Wish me luck!}

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