Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Trav in ARIZONA!

k i haven't blogged in like.... forever & three years. sorry!
i've been home in the lucious semi-tropical paradise that is AZ
& introducing Trav to everyone & their dog that i've ever met in my life.
i have much to say of the experiences, but i'll for now i'll only share Sunday.
Cause.... i like Sundays.

We started the religious excitement with my home ward & their fast & testimony meeting
everyone who's seen me loose my zits, date pointless boys and become myself...
met Trav. & every one of them shook his hand.
Trav & i bore our testimonies. Yes, Trav bore his in my home ward's meeting.
Cause he's amazing. & hilarious. & he thought it'd be fun.
Yes ladies & gentlemen, THAT'S the kind of man i'm marrying.

Jrd then had his farewell & we made silly faces at him from the folding chairs
& we went on to eat all of carrots & veggie dip that his mother had to offer us.

& then i gave him a tour of the Mesa Temple,
where we'll be married, and sealed, and where we'll start our sweet sweet life together.
i took him to that tour of "God's Plan for Families" thing
lots of videos of family fun & explanations of the plan of salvation
it gets me everytime.
but this time, it really hit me. it hit me hard.

I'm going to be with Trav for forever. I get to be his girl, his loving wife for time & all eternity. I get to pull him close for always. Whenever I want I can listen to his thoughts of the world & make him biscuits and gravy. He is the man that I will start my sweet family with, he is the man that will make all of my dreams come true. There are only a precious few things that i have felt passionately about in my life. i love Trav with all of the passion that i am-- boy does it feel good! 
I'm in love with you Travis Whiting!
always, & forever.
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