Thursday, April 22, 2010

Give a BLOG HUG!

{please excuse the creepiness of this picture}
let's get down to business, people.
to defeat the Huns... if you'd like.
basically! if you read my page,
then please leave a comment!
i'd just love to meet new people, read new blogs, make new amigas.
really, what i'm wondering is:
why can't we be friends?
let's get all Full House up in here & start blog huggin!
idea credit to bakow babble.

today in the life of a home-for-summer-with-no-job college girl:
Trav called today at seven in the am. pshhhh!
but it was fun, i told him about a dream i had about a princess & a bunch of worms.
mama lisa & i met with a wedding lady. kinda beautiful! i'll prolly blog about it soon. PROLLY!
i'm doing a test run for miss Caitlin's prom hair. she'll be even more of a hottie when i'm done.
oh oh & i have an interview at Hobby Lobby.
discounted decor for mine & Trav's apartment?
yes please.


Stephanie Bishop said...

Hug from a person who wishes you the best in your summer employment and wedding plans

cool pic!!!

Cherie said...

Lauren you are too cute. I have been talking ALOT with your mom about your wedding and the new guy, etc...
It all sounds so romantic :D (I read your story).
I live in Meridian and I understand your man is from Kuna - Like I could jog there (but I won't cause I hate jogging). Anyway, I am excited for you!
My daughter met her man at BYU-I too (they have good guys there!) and they got married August 8th, 2008. - I understand you will be getting hitched in August too - Whoo Hoo congrats!!

Monika said...

This totally gave me the initiative cause I totally think you're wicked awezoom!(yes, that is a made up word.) I'm one of Madison's friends from her home ward! Oh, and I almost cried when I read your proposal was the cutest thing i've ever heard of in my whole happy existence.

Anonymous said...

lauren your adorable :} I always read yoru blog! stalker much? in fact, when you dont blog for a little while i miss your blogs! haha I love your wordings ( power ranger etc.) and your colors and pictures and stuff :] I love reading about young college life and I LOVE reading your blog! :}

I wanna be like you when i get older!

Kathryn Sabria said...

I believe you got your "Leave your comment" little subtitle from my cupboard of food? IF so, I love you. if not, I still love you.
A whole awful lot.

Samantha said...

im new to your blog but i do read it i myself am i horrible blog updater but heckz yes we can be friends here to my first comment

Jordan said...

Hey Lauren! I came across your blog the other day. It is basically the cutest thing ever!!! Well here's how I know you... Travis was on his mission at the time I think(so I've never met him), but Cameron and Shayla came down a few times to Lehi, UT to visit the Sassers. Jared, Nikkii, TyAnn and all them. Anywho. They are in my ward. So I was looking at TyAnn's FB page the other day and noticed she commented on something on Cameron's page and then found Travis's and noticed he was engaged, so I went to your FB page and saw the link to your blog. Long story short, I love your blog and you and Travis are the cutest couple ever! I love love love how you write! Keep it up!

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