Friday, April 23, 2010

Wing Night

Buffalo Wild Wings is the place to be! on tuesdays & thursdays that is. wings for 40 cents a piece?
yes please.
ate 'em all!
mmmmmmm, scrumptious.
kay. if i'd have known we were doing funny faces,
i'd have been all over it! curses.
i heart rachel
the gang! we're cuter than the brady bunch. pretty much.
when i asked the guy to take the picture,
he asked for my number.

for the first time EVER i got to flash my left hand & say,
"actually, i'm engaged"
with a smile bigger than that silly cat from Alice.

moral of the story?
Wing Night is kinda way freaking awesome. "Blazin'" flavored wings are so named for a reason, & it's way easier to turn down slobbers when you're engaged. also, just as a little tidbit for your information: today i missed Trav, a whole awful lot.

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