Saturday, April 03, 2010

Today, everything SUCKED BEANS.

NOTHING went right.
I sprinted to class--unshowered-- to find that it was actually cancelled. Pointless excercise! Three printers later my paper still wouldn't print. My delicious oatmeal/chocolate/walnut cookies weren't so delicious. Mama didn't answer her phone.. when she always answers her phone. I'm stressed with finals, I'm stressed with packing, I'm not appreciating the fresh snow that APRIL gave us.
Today just didn't like me!

So there i was, running to my next class. Late again.
I get a call to turn around, and there he was.
Running towards me. Huffing & puffing. Exclaiming that he'd heard I was having a not-great day.
All the way from his apartment to campus& my class.
He gives me a kiss and says with a smile, "I sure hope your day turns around."
& then he returns to his apartment and allows me to make it to my class.
I'm a big bundle of smiles for the remainder of the day!
Ohhhhh how i love that man ♥

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