Wednesday, May 12, 2010

happy wednesday, lovelies!

i've missed you while i was gone!
things have happened... they're semi interesting. i'll give the skivvy. shall i?

i get headaches sometimes. Usually in my nose or neck, usually once a week. lately i've had a headache every day. & when my head aches, i cy. i'm not a tough broad, i know. my idea of hardcore is someone who drinks redbulls & has chipped nail polish. i'm going to the doctah in a week or so, let's hope i don't have a tumor or something!

i've been a crafty chick lately. like, you should see my mama's once kitchen table. it's a hullibaloo of craftiness. & you know what they say about crafty ladies..... nothing laying around the house is safe anymore. {i'm guessing that's where the term crafty came from.} i'll do a post when i'm finished with 'em.

now, i'm watching Gone with the Wind & i loves it. goldies are where i find most of my role models, i hope to be just like Miss Melanie when i grow up. gosh! & last week i watched Casablanca for the 1st time.. needless to say, i live a good life!

i go to Boise in ONE WEEK & a DAY! it's that over-the-hump mark. i'm a little excited! you better believe i'm going to kiss trav's face like i've never kissed it before.
Have a sparkling day!


madison said...

get it gurl!!! ps we need to chat, i've been so busy lately though!

Cherie said...

Hey it might even be a little bit warm when you get here!! Glad you get to come to Boise and meet up with your sweetie.
Your mom said something about how you are the crafty girl right now!!
And she also gave hints about your wedding.
I love your color combo!!

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