Thursday, May 13, 2010

craftiness #1

So! Mama bought these wierd cheapo wood blocks at Lowe's. She had a cute idea for them which I completed for her... and here they are!

 She had bunches left over, so i used a few for da future laur&trav apartment! ROCK ON!
here's what i did-duh-duh:
1: sand down the 12x13 wood blocks. ladies & gents, i used POWER TOOLS! today, i became a woman.
2. paint the sides, it's like your frame! i used blue because it's what i had. party. 
3. attach the scrapbook paper. i used a spray adhesive for these wood blocks, so that the paper wouldn't bubble or crack.
step 4. prettify!
stamps became my best friend during this project; it's all about the personalization! this little heart is my favorite, trav found it on the ground one night while we were still in school and brought it to me because, "it made me think of you."
it's the little things that keep us young. ha!
glitter glue makes my heart sing! a little bling makes this paper pop.... mama likes.
once again... i heart stamps! & scripture. i definitely heart scripture.

i just HAD to throw a daisy in there! When i flew into Boise for the first time to meet his family, Trav surprised me at the airport with a bouquet of daisies. {i know right!? i totes love him.} So, i saved one.

a wooden "W" for our future family name, painted & distressed by moi {or however you say it}
sandpaper does wonders.
i had to screw this puppy in, you can just see the nail above the lace&tool bow. well actually... andrew had to screw it in, i couldn't do it. p90x only does so much!
this one i let alone.. the pattern itself was hot enough without my help.
i added a few embellishments to this one on a whim... i'm happy with how it turned out!

"Anyone can be passionate; it takes real love to be silly."
because, that's kinda who trav & i are. {smiles}
 the presh little stickers are from Michael's, the photo i edited using PARTY!

well, there's my i'm-home-for-summer-with-no-job project number one! i'll have to take a picca once they're actually hanging in our newlywed apartment.
have a sunny day!

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