Thursday, May 27, 2010

i'm backkkkkkk

& i'm still temple worthy!
let's give a little hurrah for that one {wink}

because, let's be real here: it's HARD when a girl is in love and her man is in BOISE. bleh. alone time is not awesome sauce, i don't care what Gandhi says. & also... trav & i are kinda all over each other. kinda all the time. in restaurants, in parks, at church, at his grandma's 90th  birthday party... ha! not in an "eww gross" way. thankfully. we're just in love i guess!

so anyway. i said ta-ta to kuna, idaho just yesterday & am back home in sunny az.
boise was lovely. whenever i visit it's a buffet of weather-- this week it sunned, rained, winded & snowed. & i loved every minute of it.

this weekend we went camping! in the snow.
 where my fingers shrunk because it was cold. but i got to wear trav's flannel shirt! 
sometimes the good things just outweigh the bad.

quadding was a must! it was glorious! oh wait.... i mean four-wheeling.
quadding is apparently an arizona thing.

& we ice blocked down this cuh-razy hill!
simplot anyone?
i was out of breath at the top. worse than p90x!
or should i say.. better? hahaha

trav has this huge crawesome kite. 
our chilluns will love playing with him. 
it takes great pride in knocking me over onto my tookus.
oh! & in case you didn't notice, 
boise clouds rock way harder than az clouds.
wayyyyy harder.

oh & we took more engagements!
i know i know, we've had like 4 photo sesh's already.
& they were allllllllllll freeeeeee. {air punch}
but hey. that's what you get when you have photography friends! here's a sneak peek of the latest sesh:

i know right!?
loves ♥

i loved my stay in boise, i love trav's family & i love trav.
& i loved having trav hold my hand again.
because when trav holds my hand,
it means the world to me
& i can't help but smile.

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