Sunday, May 30, 2010

this weekend was a hot one!

in a warm way & an attractive way.

i worked worked worked all weekend, which  means i'm living out of my swimsuit once again. & i'm already ahead of the game this year- i gots my 1st sunburn!
what's blonde and stinky and pink all over?
the would be meeeeeeeee.

before work saturday in the a.m. i went garaging. & it felt gooood.
Jodi Hatfeild from Blossom Salon & Boutique was having a yard sale, i would have hyperventilated & died if i didn't stop by.
So, for health reasons
 i came, i looked, i left
with $5 presh curtains & tie-backs! here's a peek:

i know right!? precious maximus.
just wait till you see them hanging up.

later that night The Real Nate Tucker & i crashed a YSA pool party.

This pool was basically made for power rangers.
natuka & i got stuck in the water slide,
it sent us for a loop & then whump,
we were wedged
and there was the sound of, "umm... are you ok?" coming from the top of the tunnel.
days of scootching later and we gracefully fell back into the water,

best pool party crash of my life?

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