Tuesday, June 01, 2010

1st day of swim lessons!

Let me just say that i love love love my job.
Synchro coachin, swim teachin, and toddler trainin? Yes please.
My day starts at 5:30 in the am, it's a good thing i'm one of those annoying peppy early morning persons!

oh oh! mama & i finally made a decision on a bridesmaid's dress yesterday!
& then we re-made another decision today, and decided on my actual bridesmaids' dresses.
the new bridesmaid bombness looks like this:
but is the prettiest princess shade of pink.
oh happy day!
{insert news anchor woice} in other news,
trav & i decided that, when we're married, he'll always always open my car door.
cute & naive right? there's no way jose he'll keep opening my door for always, right?
negative. {hopefully} because everytime he opens my door, i'm obligated to kiss him!
kiss him good.
even if i'm angry with him. teehee!

i'm too excited to marry my best friend.

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