Thursday, June 03, 2010

i decided that i will be making my bouquet.
it will be different. it will be lauren. it will be fabulous.
i loooooooooooooove this idea of mine.
pictures will be up a little closer to the wedding! bee tea dubs august 6th is the new best day ever, for any person out there who even reads this blog.

no picture today because my camera has decided to find an Osama bin Laden type hiding spot for the day...
but i WILL display to you some things which made me smiley recently:
today i put bacon into my stir-fry and it was heavenly. awesome! my tasters said thank you because they've only had granola for lunch this entire week. not awesome!
i konked out at around 9 last night because, quite frankly, if i stayed awake any longer i would have peed myself with exhaustion {pardon me}. while i was asleep, trav called for our routine night time phone call and prayer! i have absolutely no recollection of this at all... except for the memory of trav saying, "and bless lauren & i that we may make the right decisions, and keep our love alive..."
also, i love when a kid finds that he CAN learn something new, and get better and better each day. ohhh the look on their face when they can float on their back for the first time!
never-before-known joy.
i love my job.


Momza said...

I read along.
nearly everyday.
and I smile a "mama" smile
because it's so fun to read about your upcoming big day and I know your mama must be so happy for you and your MFP (most fav person) keep writing, sis.
Trav gets a gold star for his prayer.

Tiana Emily said...

SO. about your camera. i laughed so hard! hahahaa it felt so good. thanks for that girl. LOVE YOU.

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