Saturday, June 05, 2010

my very first "little number"

a few weeks ago i learned the importance of a "get away" dress. after the reception, a bride needs a lovely little dress to change herself into to leave with her husband in a tizzy of excitement & bliss. this is an amazing idea!
a girl always needs an excuse for a news dress and,
who wants to check into their hotel while wearing their wedding dress and getting knowing looks of, "ohhhhh boy" coming from every single person that happens to be in the lobby with us. no no no, best to keep our honeymooner bliss all to ourselves.
& so, i've finally found my very own "little number",
audrey quality cute right!? total loves.
& the best part: i bought it at Marshall's for around $40 and was entirely happy with it!
but yesterday, while browsing through Nordstrom's
i found the exact same dress for $150.
& i squeeled with glee at just how much i saved.
happy day!

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