Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mesa Arts photoshoot

told ya they'd come soon. {wink}
this was super fun, because we both got to be the photographers for once! & it's super funny, the pictures of rachel are more my personality, and the pictures of me are more rachel's style... shows how the photographer really is everything for the photo. enjoy!

we grabbed a teenybopper that was walking by...
huzzah for friendly people!

trav likes this one.
actually, trav asked if i could wear this outfit when i come to boise {in 2 days!}
it's always nice to be appreciated!

yes, i am friends with a BABE!

i loves this.
partly because i usually look like i'm a maniac screaming for air when i laugh in picutres..
partly because i love rachel. mazel tov!

"kay, act like you love the wall."
"love the wall! like it's your future hubby wubbs. love it rach!"

there you have it folks,
two silly girls with an expensive camera.

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