Monday, May 17, 2010

today, i got my hairs cut.

i heart it!
its cool how the chicky styled it... totes 500 Days of Summer

a film i considered only semi-entertaining but,
i loves me some Zooey Deschanel
& her "stupid 1950's haircut". teehee.

really though

she is def Girl Crush material. mhmmmm.

today rachel baby & i had a photoshoot at the MAC
it was fun to be the photographer for once!
i got on the floor, and on a balcony, and straddled a pond... let's hope the shots turn out good.
we also went to this kick ace mexifood place, Mango's.
super cute, super good, super pepto bismal is what you'll need when you leave.
i only HALF recommend the place.
& i took Ty to the park, where he finally learned to pump his legs on the swing!
well... almost.
hope your day didn't stink!

1 comment:

madison said...

dude DUUUUDE. your hair is sooo presh!!! and now i'm thinking I should cut my hair. thanks a lot lauren. hahaha. and agreed. i love me some zooey deschannel.

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