Sunday, June 20, 2010

efy makes me say HEYYYY!

my cutie baby sister, heather, is leaving for her very 1st efy in the morning. i spent all night picking out the maximum "C.O.W. catching" outfits WITH accessories & helping her to pack all of her things into one suitcase.
she's much better than i was at her age, i usually ended up having to tote along an extra bag just for my shoes. {travis has recently learned and can attest to this. i'm a little sad.}

while we packed & munched cinnamon carmel popcorn (it's AMAZING! i'll blog the recipe sometime...), we gabbed & i advised to her all the little deets about efy that i could remember. it's just so cute to see her all grown up {wipes tear from cheek}.

with each efy tip & trick flying out of my mouth goes a memory, efy was a great place to learn about myself, my testimony and the fabulous friends that i made all around me. here are a few memories that i had stored on my computer:

Pizza Night = way not lame. this generally includes first kiss stories & "who's your COW??" confession sessions.

the roommate. luckily, i've always had amazing roommates.
completely fabulous girls, who i've learned everything from how to curl my hair with a pencil
to how to treat true friends: with love & kindness.

the boys in the group. ohhhhh fabulous!
a girl's "Crush of the Week" is half of what makes efy worth attending...
choose wisely.
these boys found out i got my personal progress award at 14.
yes, i was proud too!
the chivalry.
now, all of the boys i keep around have always been the type to open doors & things.
but, at EFY it's a magical experience where boys want to open doors & chairs & take your plate, and be amazing! (all things that 15 year old boys would never do.)
absolutely lovely.

{oh gosh! bee tea dubs, once in rexy while walking with trav, there was a massive puddle.
one so large in width that my mini limbs could not jump it over.
& what did trav do?
he DEFinitely laid down his jacket for me to daintily hop across.
yes, i AM marrying the perfect prince for me.

and yes, my legs ARE that munchy. i startle myself looking at this picca, too.
but hey, short is the new tall.
k so anyways...

the group. your bff's for life for an entire week.
after testimony meeting the group is so close, the connection is almost tangible.
super fly.
ohhh how i loved efy.
i can't wait to hear all of heather's fabulously 14 year old life-changing stories.
{smile in a my-baby-sis-is-growing-up-so-fast sort of way}


Kathryn Sabria said...

I'm glad I was able to witness this chivalrous act given by trav on that date. So cute. :)
(and yes, the brownie recipe was from bbl, it was actually good!) I love you!!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

EFY is the bestest! Looks like you had a blast! :)

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