Sunday, June 20, 2010

i heart my dad.

i do! i just do.
& i know that every little girl has a great love for their dad, which makes me so very happy {smile}
but today, for me, is all about my daddy. mine.
it's all about him, & how lucky i am to have him.

he's the kind of guy that's cuddly one minute,
but yelling at the referees the next.
he gets tired when he comes home from working so hard...
but the truth is, is that he works so hard for our family every single day & it truly does mean the world to me. we need him so much in our home & sometimes we're not the best about reflecting that to him...
he's the kind of dad that leaves me notes on my car that read "i am so proud of you!" and it means everything to me. every time. i strive to be a daughter that he & my Heavenly Father can be proud of.
he's the kind of dad that makes me want to scream! but i also can't help but say, "dad i LOVE you!" each time i walk past his office. which is often...
he's the kind of dad that snores
and can fix anything
and can remove the splinters from my big toe without me whimpering. which is a big deal.

he's the man that i learn so much from, and i'm so grateful that he'll always be mine.

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