Saturday, June 26, 2010

it's time.

i've been wanting to write this post for forever & a half.
it is epic in it's awesomness,
i super hope you like it.

background info: my freshman room girls & i are ultra fabulous. basically. we were tight like unto a dish, & we laughed so much that our downstairs neighbors actually did that thing with the broom where they tap on the ceiling... yes. lame.
we find great joy in hilarious youtube videos.
but usually, when we try to spread that joy to other people, we get weird looks.
not cool!
unappreciativeness quadrant: LAME.

218 funny is a delicate funny,
let's hope you can handle it. {saucy smile}
My 218 girls, this is for you.

1. Berries & Cream. You've probably seen it before! This vid gets a special place in my heart because it's the first time i heard Katie scream. No, not laugh. Scream. The girl has a serious problem. {smile filled with love!}

2. Lil Hitler. best 45 seconds of my life. you'll want to watch it at least five times. this vid is just amazing because it took mandi... a few weeks... to really get the joke. ha!

3. Party in the FIP. yes, we were ga-ga in love until we researched & discovered each one of these pectoralis majors was gay. WASTE OF HOT BODY.
but it's lovely, much better than the actual party in the usa music video.
SPOLIER ALERT! if you don't enjoy attractive men, miley cyrus, or dancing in speedos then kindly, refrain. have fun!

4. My Push-up Bra Will Help Me Get My Man.
a black woman, driving, and talking to herself. and everything she says SHOULD be broadcast to the world... i vote she gets her own pointless talk show. STAY ON YOUR SIDE!

5. Kittens Inspired by Kittens. Katie & Tia found this little beauty just recently... & oh how grateful i am for them. A little girl, inspired by kittens!

6. Jessica's Daily Affirmation. i owe this one to madiSON, she had it on her blog & i just about died. why wasn't i this cute??

7. Paper Towel Commercial. It's a parody of the shamwow commercials which. basically. epic failed as a product. it was the best day of my life when i got mine! i tried it out and.... fail. ugh. anyway this i owe to jacob kempe hamblin and this hotness that is him.

ok! to be honest i can't remember all of them. but these will do for now, i may be adding more =)
hope you loved.


Kathryn Sabria said...

Hahahhah!! I love this!!! Goodness I miss our delicate humor. Seriously, it gets trampled under foot easily, but it's the best humor in the world.
Thank you lauren. I love you.

Kathy said...

the scary thing is i see women like traaaacyyyy at least twice a week at work. it's scary

N. Puga said...

Good stuff.

N. Puga said...

Good stuff.

natuka said...

you should totally tag me in this for getting you to start saying _____ quadrant = LAME!

madison said...

ummm i died. the only one you forgot was poker face...remember that one? ah. man i miss that.

Clinton Dene said...


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