Friday, June 25, 2010

umm hi.

i'm feeling much much better. {smile}
today i got fitted for my wedding gown.
 i felt like a real princess being pinned, tucked & waited on.
& i wasn't about to complain.

i also went thrifting & purchased a tickling little tea pot.
oh, didn't i mention?

image via weheartit 

my bridal shower is going to be a tea party.
& i am very excited about it!
but also dreading it.

imagine me,
dressed in a pretty tea party dress, sitting in a chair facing a room twittering with my mother's friends as i open the presents they were nice enough to give me.
oven mits, vases, candles,  it's awkward enough just with that.
add some lingerie & the gazing, giggling, relief society?

i'm a teeny bit nervous.


Momza said...

ohh just soak all that love and excitement for you and your special day right in! every stinkin' bit!

Kathy said...

also, i'm very thankful i didn't get any lingerie at my bridal shower. awkwardddd

Kathy said...

awe i can't wait to see pictures! a tea party theme sounds so cute!

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