Wednesday, June 16, 2010

tonight i worked my weekly synchro meet.

imagine the sun in your eyes. your official coach's shirt is making you sweaty, but you feel ok with that because your hair is pretty and dry for the first time in a week. your toes are wiggling with excitement--being an example to these teenyboppers and mini mamas is what you strive for, being their best friend and comfort for the night is all you can ask. little girls in swimsuits, too-big goggles and unbrushed hair are running here and there while you call for them to get in the pool already! and start their warm-ups, all the while trying to be louder than the coach next to you who is trying to do the exact same thing. imagine giving these little princesses under your charge the last crucial tips you can before they go off and perform their figure- the figure YOU taught them- for the judges. A panel of women with years of synchro experience, rhinestones on at least part of their ensemble, and sun crisped skin that doesn't exactly make one think, "mmmmm. yummay."

imagine feelings of old insecurities in the competitive synchro world & familiar memories from when you were a 10 year old rec swimmer. all mixed in with the fun of helping three billion little girls to do the best they can for one night.
i love my job.

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