Monday, June 14, 2010

mormon kids are so weird.

feed your friends via fishing pole = straight up legit & semi super dangerous.
yes, i am orange now.
god bless 40 hour work weeks in the sun!

blow your bubble through a hula hoop at the other end of the room = wayyy too hard for lauren.
especially when you have a Steele popping your hard work.
i had way to many "BA-HAHAHA! Haha! Ohh hoho *tear wipe*" moments with my sweet friends.
Three cheers for game night!

ohh fyi--
only 54 days left until i'm sealed to my hubba hubba for time & all eternity!
and today while at Costco, the Costco curse was upon me once again.
{not so much a curse really, but every time every time i dance my way into a costco i see someone that makes me feel glad i did my hair that day.}
today i saw Kari Harin-- an old teacher from highschool.
In highschool, she was one of those cat ladies with frizzy hair, long denim skirts & burkenstocks, {no offense madiSON} never been married & well into her late 30's. She always had a little suh-mm suh-mm, but at the time she didn't know it so neither did anyone else.
but not today.
today her hair was highlighted, her lips were glossed, she was in baby blue and her shoes would have made that cranky, gray-streaked hair lady from What Not to Wear crack a smile.
and surprise surprise, she's engaged.
her big day is august 7th-- yes, ladies & gents that's the day after mine!

somehow i always knew i'd get married before her

{wink in a haha sort of way}
{smile in a i'm-so-happy-for-you-Harin sort of way}

1 comment:

Connie said...

Cute blog girl! And I totally love the good clean fun mormons have lol- totally reminds me of my days at byu

ps. this is unrelated but I've found myself coveting the skirt in "the best friend" pic on your sidebar. Please share where you scored it! Love!

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