Saturday, June 12, 2010

a smile on my face

i cut music with TheRealNateTucker alllllllllll day today. it deserved a double thumbs down & dallop of frustration on the top-- technology always has and always will HATE me. honestly though, i become a damsel in distress even around a copy machine. it's a little sad. we were at it long & hard, let's hope my little synchro princesses appreciate it!

as i ran around my little mesa today, running errands, humming incoherently, looking hippie-fabulous-- i noticed some things that made my mouth giggle & put a smile on my face.
& i'd like to share them with you!
i noticed this little beauty in the parking lot at Wallie World & had to laugh, it's clever!
now i have a confession for all of you Twi-lovers in this world:
i am not a Twilight fan.
there. i said it.
{sorry if i lost some friends with this one.}
now, it's not like i hate it. i've seen the movies & read the books, i'm going to the premeire of Eclispe because quite frankly i live for fangirly joy. but, bella's character is just too annoying in my opinion and being inside her head is just NOT a place i would willingly want to be. she's psycho!
and her love with Edward, described as being "like a drug?"
not cool.
when jacob's love is "like the sun" and he has abs that Tony Horton would be jealous of...
the psycho clutzo girl semi messed up there.
anyways.... i'm all for the excitement of the Twilight phenomenon.
but, i'll never consider myself a fan.
now these, mama likes.
Dharma Initiative drinking glasses. When Lost ended a small part of my heart died with it... this is a lovely way to bring my spirit's up. Leave it to Natuka to have awesomeness in his kitchen cupboards.

& last but certainly not least!
a really efffffed up palm tree.
i was driving to my dear Elder Jrd's house while on the phone with Trav when i stopped the conversation short to exclaim, "Holy wow--That is one weirded out tree!"
when Trav 1st came to arizona he was enthralled by our overwhelming supply of palmness, & i usually like to count the palms around me when i talk on the phone with him.
"Look! A palmy! & two, three, four, five............... fourty eight, fourty nine.... oh look, MORE!"
hahaha i like to be annoying sometimes.
THIS palmy was just so fabulously unique i had to snap a photo of it,
this one's for you, Trav.

what put a smile on your face today?

1 comment:

Maggie Nicholls said...

Its a palm tree with a hang over!

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