Thursday, June 10, 2010


i've fallen in love.
with travis, yes. but also with pretzel m&m's.
i can not stress this enough.
LEAVE YOUR HOUSE NOW and buy a bag!

i've also started making my bouquet!
so far it eminates cuteness in a very cute way:
but just you wait, henry higgins just you wait!
it'll look even more presh when i'm done. {smile}

yesterday i got a love package from trav!
it consisted of a lonely webcam {it was packaged with love, i'm sure}
last year i got a great deal on my laptop, but it doesn't have a webcam,
so our skype seshes have been thouroughly one sided for the past few months.
but not anymore.
last night i had my 1st skype date with my one true love!
i dressed up for the occaision.
how could i not!?

my bff jared comes home from his mish tonight.
he needs foot surgery. i'm so happy!
not about his pain of course,
but i'm really glad to have one out of my three best friends back in the state.
hurrah for foot surgery!

also, if you haven't seen this commercial...
you should seriously think about it.

i don't think i'll buy a different brand, ever again.

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