Thursday, June 10, 2010

girls night is not girls night without...

1. two too-scared-to-say-hello puppies running around
2. SWEET sicknasty nail polish
3. Barbie Princess & the Pauper-- a film i HIGHLY recommend, there were two love stories. TWO!
and there's a cat that barks. comedic genius.
4. oh! and most importanly...
forking funfetti straight outta the pan.
{a little amazing tradition i picked up from my original 218 room girls}

we also ate lots of juice & pretzel m&m's,
{which, if you haven't had them yet, GET THEM.
NOW. drive to anywhere that's not QT & pick up a bag.
...cause QT doesn't supply them. fail.}
and we contemplated breaking out the cookie dough & ice cream...
but amy is diabetic.
and we didn't really want a murder on our hands.

basically, i love my hot wheelin', hilarity spittin' girlfriends.
holla for women!

1 comment:

madison said...

oh heyyyy i love you. that's all. Annnnd you need to tell me all about the VS lingerie you saw. hahah i need to find it for you!

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