Sunday, July 04, 2010

Bridal Shower/Tea Party!

My Bridal Shower was yesterday, & it was totally power ranger.
My aunt worked so hard and it turned out so nicely
& i know way to many killer people who like to give me presents!
Here's a few piccas, for your viewing pleasure.

a few fabulous girlfriends of mine,
ohhhh how lucky i am to know each one!
 ignore my truffle cheeks. please&thanks.

mariah & jill
mariah i've known since 2nd grade, when i thought a toosie roll as a gift solved all problems
& jill is interesting enough to write an essay about. in fact, i did.
i'll have to post it sometime.

these are a few ladies from my synchro team,
they taught me how to be strong
and how to hold my splits ♥

 now for the decor,
we had little trinkets everywhere, it was presh.

i couldn't eat the stuff,
{wisdom teefs, remember}
but... it sure looked nummy. chocolate fountain & all.

people are too nice to me.
i got a toaster! and other amazing things!

tanya & mom decided to play a game while i opened my presents,
they recored everything i said as i opened each present,
and repeated it when i was finished,
this time inisting that this is what i would say, "on my wedding night"
great. here's a few,

"oh precious!"
"oh it's like a bullseye thing"
"yes, very cool"
"oh that's precious, that's cute."
"dude. thanks."
"oh my gosh"
"that works"

hahaha tanya & mama are soooo funny.

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