Monday, July 05, 2010

the low down

today, my cheeks were back to norman!
they still hurt like fudge, but were no longer truffle-like. which is a win-win.

today, i was a substitute at night swim lessons. i love being a sub, because i'm much more perky. i have energy, the kids have energy. it's a win-win.

today, i returned some silly presents to Ross & got to exchange them for whatever the hecks i want. i got sexy lime green containers to hold flour & what-not for my kitchen. & on my way out, i found boots.
perfect boots.
the most beautiful boots ever to have graced earth and/or discount shopping in general.
& they cost $2.50.
i air punched all the way to the cash register.
it was a WIN!

oh! & the too presh headband? one of my little young women made it for me for my bridal shower.
i just love it!
then i came home.
i learned that i went over $260 for the phone bill by talking to trav.
there should be a national "ok" on phonebills to allow a chicky to talk to the love of her existence while he's gone. srsly. please kill me.
so... i'll be paying THAT overage with money i don't have to spend later this month. hurrah!

luckily, as always, the good outweighs the bad. kinda.
please kill me.


Kathryn Sabria said...

hahahha! I laughed so hard, at your expense. but this is just too good to handle. I'm sorry for the overages. they suck eggs.

natuka said...

I love how you're wearing your coaching suit on under your dress. And I agree, those boots are preh-shus!
And you both just need to get on a plan together, or put each other on your "family and friends" plan or whatevs.
What service does/do he/you have?

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