Tuesday, July 06, 2010

i'm not coming back to rexburg.

umm. hi.
this post is mainly to explain to my room girls why i'm not coming back to BYU Idaho in the fall, although that's been the plan since april. i love rexburg & all of the lovelies that live there, & the spirit that is all over campus-- but it's not right.

for the soon-to-be Mr. & Mrs., rexburg is only a financial sinkhole because- let's face it- we won't find jobs.
 too many students, too little town.
education-wise, rexburg has nothing for us. his anesthetics isn't even offered there & i can learn to be a kick-ace writer from somewhere else.

in boise, trav has a plan. he knows where our brand new little family is going & how to get there.
i'm so lucky to have a man with convictions. i'm so lucky to have fallen in love with a man who strives to make the best for his family. i'm so lucky to have fallen in love with a man whose kisses make me say, "wooooooHOOOOOO!"

i will miss my most favorite friends, dearly. but we will visit, and i will sleepover! & i will come to devotional & squeel about how awesome Tuesdays are, & i will wear flip-flops when it's too cold, & i will talk to your fishes like an absolute loon,  and i will pass around chocolate chips like they're popcorn, & i will fall asleep a little too quickly on the couch, and i will be overjoyed to see you, every time. i'm still excited for fall.

& i am excited to marry a man who'll take care of me.


Kathryn Sabria said...

First. Wow.
Second...Holy cow.
Third.......I will miss you terribly. Every second of every day.
Skype conference call tonight. no exceptions.

Kathy said...

Jimmy and I were going to move to Rexburg (I was going to transfer schools), but he knew it just wouldn't be right for us. Too difficult to find a job. I'm so glad your future hubby knows what's good. (:

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