Thursday, August 26, 2010


my mommy-in-law Mela snipped my hair.
i now have Lizzie McGuire inspired buh-bangs again!
oh lizzie. how i revere you.

lately, because i don't have a job, i have plenty of time to visit Trav at work!
& to persuade Ross to give me a ride on the forklift
& to mess around with these boys, for, let's face it, way too long.
see the hottie with the guitar?
that's my hubbins. {giggle}

lately, Trav has begun to make picture frames.
& they look amazing!
not that you can tell from the photo.
trust me. i yearn for the day that i get a functional camera, too.
but for reals! i think he could make some serious buckos off of them. taaaaaalented!

lately, i've admitted that i have a problem.
i have a pillow fetish.
they're just so soft & pretty! ohhhhmyyyyygooooosh.
i found this little beauty on clearance at Target & i almost threw up with joy.
it was calling my name. maybe singing it.
i love cute pillows. {smile}

1 comment:

TheReal.NateTucker said...

Oh Lauren. I am so glad that you blog. It's like you're almost still here.


P.S. I love you. lessthanthree

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