Saturday, August 28, 2010

t&l wedding: the decor

i'm a shabby chic kinda girl.
give me some trashy furniture, some sandpaper & a can of paint... i'll be happy.
my wedding embodied my style, completely.
here's a little look at the feeling we created.


the ice cream bar was my favorite part!

wait....just kidding. maaaaaybe it was the lighting.

&& the recieving line. it felt more like a thrown standing in front of it {giggle}

hope you enjoyed!


Cherie said...

I love it all! Very Very romantic!! The doors and the chandeliers are my favorite - Sooooo cool!

Sydney said...

Girl, your wedding is to die for!! LOVE LOVE LOVE. Just found your blog, you and your hub are so stinkin cute!

Theresa said...

I LOVE this display! Can you tell me how you attached the chandeliers? Looks like you used some type of lift...Thanks!

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