Tuesday, September 28, 2010

i work at la YMCA.

& it's hecka tight! i get to play with little ones & teach them how to swim,
the pay is good & the people i work with are fabulous.
i love my job.
at the Y, i got shafted with the 5am shift. laaaaame right?
actually... kinda awesome.

at the Y we have our "regulars".
in mesa, we called them pool rats. why? because they we all under 15 and, well... obnoxious.
however our regulars are cool. ESPECIALLY at 5 in the am.

here are a few of my favoritas:

Clown dude.
the guy comes every morning. at 6:20. Tummy falling over his blue shorts, hair on all the awkward places of his back, balding head with only a whisp smack in the middle of his cranium.
the man is cute! in a homer simpson kind of way.
He wades back&forth the lap pool all morning. not swimming, just walking. it's therapudic i guess.
 my favorite part: his black, fluffy house slippers never leave his feet.
 no, not even in the water.

Hippie mama.
this cute chicky is on the adult swim team, she's definitely preggers & still kickin it up in the pool, her belly rather evident between her speedo bikini. A tatoo is on her neck- i could just see it through the water- a recycle symbol.
 awesome! mama wants to save the earth.
but why do i call her a hippie?
because, as i guarded her dear life while she happily swam; she lifted her arm and i saw it.
 fur. fluffy, brown bunny-like fur.
 mama doesn't shaves her pits. nor her legs.
mama is a hippie.

Coworker #1
no names, please! lol. this guy works with me & is awesome. Long curly hair & a full beard, the man looks like Jesus. He's the type that rides a motorcycle while wearing Crocs. Today i learned that he grew up in Guam, had open heart surgery as a child & for some reason, he has half a bamboon heart.

Kung Fu Ninja Dude.
k. this guy reeks with awesomeness.
1st time i saw him it was in the Y's gym. joggers were jogging wearily on the treadmill,
 when dude comes up. bandana on his head, camo sweats & sweatbands.
he climbs onto a treadmill next to a small asian woman and he's BOOKIN it! elbows & knees flying.
asian lady looks at him like, "whyyyy?" and leaves.
soon afterwards, he shows up at the pool.
bandana on his head, camo SPEEDO. mind, the dude's like 50.
& insane.
kung fu ninja dude doesn't swim.
no no.
he burrows up behind the slide, & performs tae kwon do
why? i really don't know.
ninja KICK!

ohhh why can't we all be as cool as ninja dude?


Kathy said...

you guys have a WATER SLIDE!! that's AWESOME

madison said...

i am so glad you are going to be a writer. because this piece KICKS ACE.

TheReal.NateTucker said...

I want to come visit your YMCA! It sounds like the Wal-Mart of fitness centers (but without the retarded employees).
take more pictures with yo phone and send to me throughout the day to keep me entertained. :)
lov ya!

Momza said...

If that's the Y off Chinden, that's our old Y when we lived in Meridian from 2006-2008! Looks like it!
That's a great Y because of the awesome pool and the huge park behind it too!
Congrats on your new job!

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