Thursday, September 30, 2010

asian kids are crawesome.

crawesome = crazy awesome.


today, i was studying at school.
buried in my laptop, book open, furrowed eyebrows. i meant business.
then, out of allll the empty seats, asian boy sat next to me.
*hand extended* "Hello, I'm Daniel. Who are you?*
"Umm... I'm Lauren."

" Hi Lauren. I'm writing a novel about anime characters. I want to make Ellen Page the main character. I made my elementary school librarian the antagonist. I see you have a power ranger sticker on your computer, i watch power rangers all the time. My favorite episode is..."

yeah. YEAH.
the entirely one-sided conversation became steadily more flirty as it went on.
basically, Daniel was exercising his "game".
& i did not know what to say.

i sat with my left hand positively PLASTERED to my face,
hoping the lighting would reflect off of my ring into his glasses.
no luck.

when he left,
he ended with a suave, "so maybe the next time I see you I can add you on facebook. I always like to add new friends, since I don't do anything else very important on there."

umm. ok.

when he left, EVERYONE in the room turned to me with a
"ohhhh you poor girl! you were so nice! gosh i could NOT stop laughing in my mind!"
yeah. it was that bad.

oh boy. at least....
 i've still got it goin' on. {wink}


David and Jessica Olsen said...

i love your curtains :)

David and Jessica Olsen said...

i love your curtains!

TheReal.NateTucker said...

Do people say that about me when I leave the room? :(

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