Thursday, September 30, 2010

today is from the heavens.

everything about today, is wonderful.
especially after a week as hecka lame as this one...
today felt like ice cream. mixed with banana chunks. and sprinkles. yes.

in honor of how grateful i am that the Lord sent me today,
it's glad game time!
here's a top ten list
of why i'm glad.
sometimes it's fun to play Pollyanna.

1. i'm grateful for smiling.
& the fact that EVERYONE responds to a smile.

2. i'm grateful for a job that i can walk to,
& pick lovely little fall florals for my hubs along the way!

3. i'm grateful for a husband who wakes up at 5am to walk me to work
just so i won't be alone. {smile}
& he doesn't tell me to shut it
even when he's groggy
& i'm... chatty. {triple smile}

4. i'm grateful that my hair flower ribbon is overFLOWIN with loveliness
these babies are becoming my claim to fame.

5. general conference is this weekend.
ohh how i love to hear the words of the prophets.
revelation that WE get to hear, that so many people get to hear.
everyday, it amazes me just how much the Lord loves us.

6. i'm grateful that i'm still hot.
see this post for deets.

7. i'm grateful for my scentsy and that it makes our apartment smell like fall.
also, my power ranger antique-ish vases
that my mama sita let me inherit. {air punch}
thanks mama sita

8. i'm grateful for yard sales.
& their willingness to grant me my curtains,
which i love.
& would cry without.

9. i'm grateful to roadtrip it up with Trav this weekend.
holy much-needed-vacation, batman.
los photos WILL ensue.

10. i'm grateful for Boise
for all the flowers & cute houses
the warm weather, the lack of wind
& that i can still wear flippies with bows. whenever i want.

what are you grateful for?


Natalie said...

Today, I'm thankful for:

1. That man that loves me. He's pretty kick-rockin' awesome.

2. My new admin. assistant. She's smart. I'm so glad we've finally hired someone who's smart.

3. A stable job and a brand-spankin' new 3% pay increase. I keep wondering how I got so lucky when so many are struggling right now.

4. Nearly free entertainment in the form of 3 4-legged friends (2 dogs and a cat this week; we're dog-sitting.) Dogs and cats together. Hilarious.

5. My front porch.
6. Nice weather. Fall, FINALLY!
7. A good book to read.
8. Beer.

(Those 4 go together SO well, so 9. is that - 5-8 at the same time.)

10. LOVE. It's all you need. :)

Kathy said...

1. My wonderful husband who makes me laugh 'til I can't breathe.

2. Our jobs and a place to live. It's not as cute as your place, but it works.

3. My Heavenly Father, who will not lead me astray. Big decisions + over thinking = stressed out me. He makes it all alright.

TheReal.NateTucker said...

I'm thankful for you!
You're the bestest friend evvah!

Morgan said...

I'm grateful for you!! :)

David and Jessica Olsen said...

LAUREN! i want to see more pics from your cute little apartment!!!!!!!!!!!!

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