Friday, September 24, 2010

a walk in the...street.

trav & i live in the north end.
north end = the ultimate in cool
it's filled with coffee shops & pizza parlors & hippie type young people.
& you can't go a day without seeing one of these:
yep. totally power ranger.

on Tuesday nights in the north end a street fair magically appears on 8th street.

here are some documents of our adventure:
this photo captures my dislike for at-arms-length photos.
so boring. hate them. ewww.

& so, in my revolt against at-arms-length photos,
i set up the camera on a nearby parked car
& ran over to trav, flinging my arm in his direction to hug him for the picture.
instead, i thwacked him right in the adam's apple. KO!
hahahha sorry trav.

yes, you can see up my skirt.
{i'm over it.}

moving on!
we tried samples of things here & there,
& i tried some super spicy buffalo sauce
which i regretted.
oh well!

have a peaceful day!


Kathy said...

you're so cute! your area sounds like such fun to live in.

Cherie said...

Why did I think you guys were living closer to me? Oh well 8th street is cool for sure!!!

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