Friday, October 29, 2010

travis and lauren visit temple square

t & i like to roadtrip.
well, i like to roadtrip. feet on the dash, random radio stations, talk-about-anything road trips.
oh it's like christmas in heaven's disneyland! {basically you can't beat it.}
and trav is a wonderful husband, who drives most of the way. good old sport {smile}

salt lake was beautiful!
we took a horse & buggy around temple square,
it took all of my might to keep from singing.
i loved it!
it was so very brrrrrrr. ew.
 so naturally, i cuddled with husband.
survival instincts, naturally. {wink}

we had lots of fun in the joseph smith memorial building.
it's fancy shmance.

"please, madam, may i hahf this dahnce?"
"oh why yes good sir, your pocketbook looks deep enough to me!"
hahaha we are nerds.
 rockin' nerds.

we probably sneaked to places we shouldn't have,
& probably giggled more than a bathroom full of beehives. oh well.
i like knowing that me & him are forever.
i think it's a fabulous idea.

the JSM was so goshdarn elegant. i just loved it.

we also went to the beehive house {adorably vintage! gaaah}
but by then, it was hailing.
me in my flip flops was sliding around like your grandmother in ice skates. it was gettin dangerous.
so we headed to lots of german food, and warmth.



Ashley Fastle said...

" bathroom full of beehives" i almost threw up i was laughing so hard. you are sooooooooooo funny.

Heather said...

The picture of the SLC temple is gorgeous! I want to steal that. ;) P.s. I love that you and Trav went on a horse and romantic! :)

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