Friday, October 29, 2010

visit to salt lake: continued

while in mormon country we stayed with my little oma, just near temple square.
it was lovely, she made us foooood! 
kowbassi, sour kraut, fried potatoes & pea soup.
it was german and it rocked.

remember before how i said utah was cold?
well yes. it was cold. 
oh, hello snow on my car. nice to see you! 
my name is lauren & i am an eskimo!

my oma is a cute one. she's got lots of spunk to her.
everytime i'm with oma she gives me half of her apartment. no joke.
this round i scored uggs, a short pea-coat, a hand-knitted necklace, lumpy socks and lots of slices of banana bread. i guess cause we're the same size, and she's my grandma. LOVE. HER.
trav liked her too. he served in hungary, so they swapped european stories while i listened with a smile.
i love family.


1 comment:

Heather said...

Lauren, you're lookin' super fly in the pic with the snow and umbrella! Mega cute, I say...mega cute!

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