Sunday, October 31, 2010

oh hai halloween!

oh haaaai!
halloween as a married girl is faaaaaabulous!
comparitively, last year looked a little like this:
me as a lonely mini mouse.
my date as willy wonka and not travis
travis as not my date, and a creepy vamp.
not cool.

but this year, halloween looked like this:
we were smurfs!
well, we were for one party.
then we ran out of blue paint.

the rest of halloween looked more like this:
yee haw!
three months in boise & i'm already a cowgirl. oh boy.

we partied hardy.
my favorite part of the weekend was learning that our man brett is officially-almost-engaged to tina.
i love tina.
um duh.

happy halloween from us to you! boooooo!
p.s. wear fake eyelashes next year, they are crazy fun.
plus when batting your eyelashes, travis gives 25% more kisses.
i couldn't complain. {smile}


1 comment:

TheReal.NateTucker said...

haha. Awesome! Love the costumes. I was also a cowboy, but I didn't have the chaps, but Travis didn't have a gun. I win!
also, I don't think I need fake eyelashes, mine are long enough all by their natural self! :P

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