Thursday, November 18, 2010

today, i had fun.

polo: aeropostale | sweater vest: charolette russe | jeans: consignment | boots: F21 | heart necklace: icing | XO brooch: from my bouquet

today, i had fun. how can you tell?
because anyday's a good day when a girl can wear a sweater vest.
word to your mother.

on this lovely morn when i skipped home from work,
trav was still in bed. 
{que the angelic chorus! this never happens.}
you better believe i jumped all over him until he opened his groggy little eyes!
and after my morning-time singing stopped, {wait for it...}
i made him breakfast. him!
this is a big deal, guys.
you must understand, this doesn't happen. ever.

usually, i dream my little head away all morning long, and the macho man brings me breakfast.
 because he is oh so kind.
i know, he rocks. 
& i should just be grateful, right?
i mean, doesn't every girl swoon for a man in an apron?

but really. this has gone far enough. 
i've tried to change, i have! 
 everytime i even think about sneaking out of bed before him, he wakes up and says, "Oh good morning, princess!" and we cuddle. and whisper our sweet nothings to each other while trying not to breathe in the other's face. and i'm secretly cursing his early-morning habits in my head.

it's a vicious cycle.
but today, i had fun
taking care of my loving husband just how i've always dreamed.

peace & love

do something nice for someone this week, i dare you!
oh and bee tea dubs, the giveaway closes this saturday at midnight. don't forget to enter & win cute stuff!


TheReal.NateTucker said...

haha, I love you!
You are definitely getting more comfortable posing in front of the camera. I think these two photos are the most like the Lauren I haven't seen in 6 months than any that you've posted the last 9 days.

Brooke said...

I love your blog! It's so cute :) I really love your outfit in this post as well!!

-Sam I Am- said...

you and your blog are absolutely adorable!

theputtogethergirl said...

I love your necklace! Super cute!

the chirpy bird said...

ahahhaa I love this! "word to your mother" ahaha. I agree, I need to step up my sweater vest wearage!
You've inspired me to bake my much sort after banana chocolate chip bread for a girlfriend that's been hounding me for a week!
xo tash

Linda W said...

Your blog is too cute. I love the positivity of it!
Today's look is great - Love the collar with the sweater vest and your chunky jewelry.

The Auspicious Life

Elizabeth Benfield said...

loving this outfit!

husband does a lot for me so i love days like this were i get to take care of him. is it bad to say i love it most when he is sick? that means it is up to me to make him better :)

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