Thursday, December 02, 2010

wishlist twenty ten!

knit necklace: made by the oma! | knit top: charolette russe | quarter sleeve top: old navy | jeans: american eagle | boots: ross

is anyone else tired of seeing pictures of me? {raises hand. and foot. and tilts chin up a little.}
yes. me too. 
let's look at pictures of things i want for christmas. 
{cause that's WAY more fun. hurray!}

i want one of these for my kitchen. here's to dreaming!
ohhh just take me to heaven! yes, i'm one of those married ladies that is excited beyond words about a kitchenaid... and it truly is just because it comes in blue. & yellow. & any other color of my dreams.
mark my words. i'll get one. someday.

also in my kitchen, i'll take one of these lady's prints, please.
yes. yes please.

anthropologie has now sells a collection of the classics, restyled with fabulous covers.
they would add so much to any bookshelf. my heart is yearning. basically.

 don't you think this fancy loveseat would fit right in with our humble abode?

yeah... i think so too. ha!
i just love the loud colors. such a fun piece!

& last but not least, i want to have my gallery wall. finished. 
mostly i just want a wall for my gallery to go on... but that's another story. i can't wait to look back on my finished project and smile. 
here are some inspiration photos.
i think trav could appreciate the use of antlers in the second photo. 
hunters. gotta love 'em.

ok ok. so what all of these things are my imagination's secret wishlist. 
and yes, my imagination's first sentence was "give me cookies NOW" and she's kinda spoiled.
but, the real lauren knows to be much more patient, and to wait for a lottery winning, or a lack of student loans before she creates just the home she wants.
what a fun adventure it will be.

what i really want for christmas, is to see my sweet nubs in arizona,
 to get a nice, long kiss from the man of my dreams,
& to remember that babe in a manger and the fact that he lives. 
oh what a wonderful christmas this will be.

i hope everybody gets good feelings this christmas!


Brooke said...

ahh! I want a mixer just like that too soo bad!! I love to bake! That print is also amazing, I'd love to have that in my kitchen one day.

meredith said...

two things: you're pretty much adorable. also i LOVEEE your wedding pics in your sidebar+header. eternity is gonna fun for you two:)

Linda W said...

Those mixers are the best! We got one this summer and we can't stop using it. We make fresh bread every week now! It has been amazing to us!
I hope you get one!

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