Tuesday, December 21, 2010

i am not wearing snow boots

in boise, a foot of snow is glittering the ground. 
in paradise, it is sunny & beautiful & makes me want to sip water out of a fancy glass in the backyard.
mmmm mama loves a good vacation.
i packed absolutely nothing but my unmentionables for this christmas trip,
so i get to help myself to my sister's closet. hurray for sharing!
sweater: target | sundress: target | belt: burlington| slips: payless | headband: blossom boutique

isn't she cute??
heather is my very favorite 15 year old person.
i love her because she laughs at every thing i do, & makes me feel good.
even this:
i know. she's a saint.

by the way. trav & my wedding was featured over here, check it out if you wanna!


No Guilt Fashion said...

I think I really love this outfit. It may just be that it is so cold here that the summerish vibe has my heart all a flutter.
No Guilt Fashion

Christina said...

You are such a cute lady. I looked over on the post about your wedding and it is just so adorable. I've decided to have my reception in a gym at my church...and am at a loss on how to make it look fantastic. Have any more decorating tips up your sleeve? DO tell :)

Brookie said...

dear lauren,

i love you...you are so stinkin cute!!!

Candace Stevenson said...

yaya the blogging is continuous again! Never leave me like that again :)

Anonymous said...

I really love this outfit--the dress is so pretty and I LOVE your flower headband! So cute!

madison said...

dear heather: if and when i see you again, i WILLL be stealing the dress lauren is wearing here. sincerely, madison

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