Tuesday, December 28, 2010

i've got dreams.

i believe every home needs a globe.
i picture myself sitting next to a fire, robe. slippers, candy cigar in hand.
and a globe. right beside me. 
one day i'll find the perfect globe to make me feel all Gatzby-like everyday.
all images via etsy


nicole ...given said...

mmm i love your blog. new follower HOLLA!

Candace Stevenson said...

dear Lauren, I love you blog.
Love Candace :)

its simple love said...

I loooovee the look of globes and maps. I find they have a vintage charm about them. I found an old globe at a thrift store the other day for only $2!!! I was so excited. That last picture with the green couch, it is from Urban Outfitters. I have had my eye on it for a while! Isn't it cute?


p.s. I would so greatly appreciate it if you mentioned my dress sale in a post! I would just love you forever.

p.p.s. Are you in AZ? I am here right now! Visiting the grandparents. What lovely weather.

geri e. said...

I believe every home needs SEVERAL globes!! :)
and I've gotta get me one of those world map canvas collages!!! (say THAT 5 times fast)

Amy Graham said...

I am warning you, once you start collecting globes, it NEVER ENDS! I have 25. But, am I upset about that? Heck no.

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