Friday, January 14, 2011

day one: a favorite song

guys. there's something you don't know about me. a deep dark secret if you will, it's like the awkward and bald never-been-married uncle that no one talks to at family reunions. cha. it's that bad.
so i'm girly and peppy, right?
my favorite song is probably from the Enchanted soundtrack, right?

{well, close. but no cigar}

truth is, i'm extra hardcore. like fist pumping, head banging, black-chipped nail polish hardcore.
it's a guilty pleasure of mine, i guess.

so, today my favorite song is Good Times by Finger Eleven.
i picked this baby because it is the perfect snowboarding song.
& it's fairly mellow as most of my favorites go... i didn't want to scare you guys. hope you like!

p.s. don't fret! everything is clean and G rated. and not about unhappy things in any way. enjoy!


madison said...

as Lauren's one and only college room-room mate I can verify that she listens to this ALL THE TIME..


love you. tell the kidd i say hi!

Ashley said...

Lauren! I love your blog && check it constantly. So, I'm doing the 30 day challenge with you...I'm on day 2. haha, let's see if we make it right?!

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