Saturday, January 15, 2011

day two: a favorite movie

i'm a sucker for old movies. 
anything that's boy meets girl and pre 1980's is my kinda film.
i love the fashion and i love how girls were back then. they were ladies, always sweet & gentle. gosh!
my favorite movie of all time is... dun duh-daaa!
the original Gidget staring Sandra Dee.
Francie is the funniest girl-not-yet-a-woman in the world, with barely any street smarts.
 but she can play the cello. cool.
anyway, she takes up surfing one summer. just her and a beach-shack full of boys. 
they don't let her into the gang at first, cause she's not a surfer & not exactly a bodacious babe, yet. 
so she practices. and practices. and practices.
soooo cute right!?

so she gets way good at surfing. and they start calling her Gidget.
 {girl + midget = gidget. get it? adorable!}

through the movie, Francie learns what it really is to be a woman. 
& i did too. i loved this movie when i was tweenaged, it taught me what a real woman should be.

oh & there's eye candy. he goes by the name moondoggie
{makes you want to melt, right!?}

check it out here. at least watch the opening song, it makes me want to get married all over again.


jennifer michelle said...

I was totally only going to "check it out" and see what the general idea was, but you hooked me!! Why couldn't anyone have showed me this movie back when I was tweenaged? So stinkin' cute! Plus I adore surfing, and a good story. Swoon x 1000!

Kindra said...

Oh my gosh no way. I LOVE THIS MOVIE! I love the part where shes' doing a work out to make her boobs bigger. hilarious. any who. I like you even more now :)

donna said...

it's one of my favorites too! i love the orange dress she wears to the luau and always swoon when moondoggie sings (funny how he's the only one)

Samantha said...


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