Monday, January 17, 2011

a trip to walmart.

we hit up walmart this weekend. 
actually, we hit up walmart everyday this week.
i honestly don't know how it happened, but it did.
we are mainstream america, what can i say?

anyway, trav & i had lots of fun in the Valentines section

i heart valentines day. { i heart it, get it? ahhh i kill myself.} it is a day filled with love & chocolates, it's the best day ever! when i was little my mama always made valentines special for us. when we came home from school, we knew the table would be decorated in pinks & reds, glittered with hearts and tiny treats. it was something i looked forward to most! i hope to come up with my own traditions one day, to make valentines special for my kiddies as well.
& i think i've found my first tradition.
 eeeeek! it's a heart-shaped waffle maker!
what could be more perfect?
i just about died when i saw it. ask travis, victory dancing ensued.
i want to make these for my little family one day.

but, we didn't buy it. travis said, "no money." & that i had to wait.
i almost cried.
one day, this little guy will be mine. one. day.

1 comment:

TheReal.NateTucker said...

I love the picture with the lips! Oh my, it looks like you have freckles!
booyah for freckles!

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