Friday, January 21, 2011

hellooo ladies!

scarf: charolette russe | jeans: Miss Me's | jacket: F21 | sweater: SIL's closet | blue top: downeast basics | boots: charolette russe

i thought it was high time for another outfit post. because umm... the camera missed me? well, more like I missed the camera. slash i actually got dressed today. yes, that was it.
when i left work today, it was sprinkling outside. 
definitely a happy-type precipitation! 
so i decided to take a walk downtown & where did i end up?
oh you know... anthropologie. of course.

& i actually bought stuff. insane, i know.
my mama gifted me with a gifty card, so i felt inclined. holla-lujah!
here's the loot.
1 bathy mat.

& a kickin pair of trousers
they look good on my bum-bum. {smile}

after my rejuvenating shopping spree, i went to Seven Brides for Seven Brothers with my mela-in-law.
it made me want to see more musicals. 
anyone have an extra ticket to Wicked?
haaa nah. but really.


Katri said...

those are some rockin' trousers! I'm glad you purchased them! how fun :)

Lisa @ Pulsipher Page said...

adorable! you & the loot.

Jennie said...

Ohhhh haaiiii. I am lovin' me your hair. And I feel like we would be real life besties......yaaaaaaknow....if we met in real life. Just sayin'. ;)

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