Sunday, January 30, 2011

i took this picture...

oh wait. no i didn't. haaaa psych!
but this picture does in fact hang on our bedroom door.
kind of a heads up as to what's happening on the other side.
"warning: kissing happening. lots & lots of kissing"
tee hee.

right-o, a picture i took.
i am not a photographer in any sort of fashion. although i do own a camera... and that's about all i have going for me. but every picture has a story, right? so i'll share a story.

once upon a time, there lived 4 beautiful ex-room girls. these girls loved to play together and always made each other laugh until they had to pee. always.
after the semester ended, they went their separate ways. some went home, some worked way too much, some got married. (that one was me... in case you didn't guess!) 
they all learned many things, but sometimes they all come together again. 
& they laugh at the odd array of jelly beans mashed into the street.

& they lived happily ever after. 
the end


Gertrude said...

I was trying to find a wallpaper poster and came across that picture as well! Really cute :) x

madison said...

hey! that's me!!!

Jennie said...

I love that that picture hangs on your bedroom door! Sooo adorable. Seriously I can't WAIT to decorate my own apartment one day.. But I gotta get married first. Pffff....technicalities. Whatevs.

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